一个类似 debounce 的高阶函数,返回一个新函数,这个新函数返回最后一次执行的异步任务结果(执行频率过高时或执行时间不均匀)。

A debounce-like higher-order function that returns a new function that returns the result of the last asynchronous task executed (when execution is too frequent or when execution time is uneven).

debounceAsyncResultdebounceAsync 的区别是: debounceAsync 处理异步任务的执行时机。 debounceAsyncResult 处理已经执行的异步任务的结果。

The difference between debounceAsyncResult and debounceAsync are: debounceAsync handles the occasion of asynchronous task execution. debounceAsyncResult handles the result of an asynchronous task that has already been executed.



export declare function debounceAsyncResult<T, P extends any[], R>(fn: (this: T, ...p: P) => Promise<R>): (this: T, ...p: P) => Promise<R>;